Hello there.

I'm Neha Balasundaram

I'm a Designer and an Engineer.
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A bit about me.

From a young age, creating has been a part of my daily routine, much like eating or sleeping. I've always tried to learn new things, experiment with different mediums and keep myself engaged.

I consider myself a "jack of all trades" of sorts. I believe there's never an end to learning, and therefore will continue to do so till I can no more.

Another big part of me is my interest in technology. I tend to keep myself updated with tech related news.

Apart from art, I love photography, nature, and being with the people I love. I plan to travel the world when I grow older and also give back to the world, however I can.

Oh, and I love dogs, although I don't have one... yet. You would have noticed my imaginary dog following me around in this page

- My Work -

Oh, and this is me.

Here is one of my favourite quotes

"Just keep swimming"

~ Dory

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